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Milo Berger arrives!

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Milo was born on April 13th weighing 8 lbs, 12 ozs. and measuring 20.5 ins. long! Mother and baby are doing great!


Milo Berger
Milo Berger

Wedding in Morroco

In December 2001, my Mother, Marsha remarried! It was quite a surprise to everyone becasue the wedding was unannounced.

My Mother had chartered a trip to Morocco with her family. We were traveling through the desert, about to settle in for the evening, when my Mother announced that she had to change into her wedding attire. No one understood. We were more concerned about the menu for dinner!

Out they came in their traditional Berbere wedding outfits! It was a raucous event in the Moroccan desert that we will never forget.

I would like to welcome Kevin Silson, my new step-father, and his son John Silson, into my family. I am very honored becasue they are wonderful people!

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Marsha and Kevin at their wedding in Morocco

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