Movie Theater

...To Be Loved, 12 minutes

A Bullet Has No Name, 18 minutes, Beta SP

Documentary filmmaking is my passion. A Documentary film is defined as a "filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception" that's without clear boundaries and always evolving.

Here are a few of my films:

Raven - One woman surviving in the San Diego foothills, alone with her friends, the Ravens.

Too Many Joses - When Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said that there were, "...too many Josés in this country..." it sparked an odyssey for Boston teenager José Lugo.

A Bullet Has No Name - Youth violence in Southern California is met head on by the group Teens on Target.

M. Berger - A personal story about the relationships with my grandfather and father.

...To Be Loved - Homelessless in Philadelphia and Washington DC. Voices from the street.

The Mouth Revolution - A humorous, fictional tale about Mouths that are taking over the world and are demanding real, organic food.

Raven, 5 minutes, b+w 16 mm

Too Many Josés, 25 minutes, D2

Mouth revolution
The Mouth Revolution, 5 minutes DV

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