The Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

Classical music is a beautiful art enjoyed by many around the world. Some listen to relax, others to think or write as classical music can get the creative veins pumping. Throughout history there have been many famous composers, those who have written all over the world from Cancun to England, some that have composed music while visiting other locales such as the Hotel Punta Cana or other well known places. Yes, there have been many great composers, but some of the very best have come from Russia, many that have passed away. Take the quiz below to see which dead Russian composer you are most like.
Which Dead Russian Composer are you most like?
When people make you really mad or are mad at you, you...
Just deal with it.
Seek active vengeance.
Curse them out publicly.
Use creative energy to mock them.
Go home and bang on stuff.
Get really depressed.
Drink vodka.
You get most of your creative inspiration from...
Fairy tales and legends.
The events of the world around you.
Your own imagination.
You prefer...
Large-scale orchestral works.
Chamber music and solo repertoire.
In big social situations, you...
Are fully involved in the party.
Hang out exclusively with your friends.
Would rather not be there.
Drink vodka.
Your temperament is...
Bipolar and oddly aligned.
Loud, rude, and pretentious.
Generally pleasant and good-natured.
Introverted and sensitive.
Logical, precise, and formidible.
Versatile but relaxed and melancholy.
Scholarly, thorough, and determined.
Drunk on vodka.
When you're gone, you want your "monument" to be...
That you are forever associated with the holiday season.
An actual stone or bronze monument.
A Broadway musical based on your works.
Just your work, because it stands for itself.
Your house and desk, kept as organized as you did.
The fact that only a select few can tackle the difficulties of your work, and many unworthy people have been carted off to the funny farm trying.
A prestigious school named after you.
A vodka brewery named after you.
Considering you know English (because you can read this) and Russian (because you're a dead Russian composer), how many other languages do you know?
You lost track because of the vodka.
You prefer the sound of...
Lower instruments.
Higher instruments.
Either one.
They all sound the same after that much vodka.
Do you have bad eyesight?
It's blurred because of the vodka.
When you're not composing, you're...
Playing chess.
Performing complex chemistry experiments.
Drinking vodka.
What is your worst fear?
Losing your passport.
Being imprisoned.
All of your pets dying.
Endless harsh criticism.
Pure and utter chaos.
Hurting your hands irreparably.
Going deaf.
Running out of vodka.
Are you the real Chaikovsky?

©Mark Berger, 2003